Suggested Make/Model of B-Flat Clarinets:

Professional level instruments are not required but are highly recommended as they are built with amazing quality and produce the best tone. A professional instrument will allow the student to grow past their beginner level and is an investment for a lifetime. Before purchasing any instrument please talk to a band director. Not everything shiny is a good investment. 

Buffet R13 B-Flat Clarinet


Method and Etude Books:

JB Albert Twenty Four Varied Scales and Exercises for Clarinet

Baerman Complete Method for Clarinet

Klose's Conservatory Method for the Clarinet

Langenus Complete Method for Clarinet in 3 Parts

32 Rose Etudes

40 Rose Etudes


Recommended Recordings:

Sabine Meyer: Weber Clarinet Concertos 1&2

Orchestral Excerpts for Clarinet

Sharon Kam: Mozart Concerto for Clarinet and Orchestra


Other Resources: 

The Clarinet Institute

Smart Music