Private Lessons FAQ

Why should my child take private lessons? Isn't that what band class is for?

Simply put, students learn two main things from private lessons that help minimize frustration, set the child up for success, and make playing an instrument more fun:

1. Private lessons provide the specific information that is difficult to relay to each student in a 60 student band class or even 10 student sectional. Private lesson teacher are specialists on their specific instrument and know the ins and outs of the instrument.

2. The child learns how to practice. A young musician needs to learn HOW to practice. Many student don't practice because they just don't know what to do to get better. Private lessons  


How long is a private lesson?

Typically, private lessons last 30 minutes but your child's teacher may offer a full hour if they choose. Hour long lessons are usually recommended for advanced and/or older students wanting to pursue All-State placement or college music school entrance.

How often do lessons occur?

Lessons occur once every week. For students with financial barriers to lessons, they can pair with another student and trade of weeks. We don't recommend this system normally but want to provide all students with the opportunity to receive lessons.

When in the day do lessons occur?

Lessons may occur before school, during your child’s band class, or after school in the AHS Band Hall or JH depending on the teacher. The vast majority of lessons occur at AHS after school.

How are private lesson teachers hired?

Private lesson teachers are recruited and screened by the Alvin HS band directors. In addition, Alvin ISD requires all private lesson teachers to be finger printed and submit to a thorough background check. All paperwork is processed by the Alvin ISD Director of Fine Arts and Human Resources Department.

Most of the Private Lesson Staff is comprised of music education or performance undergraduate, masters, or doctoral students. Several of our teachers are professional musicians or have a PhD. on their instrument. 

When can my child begin lessons?

The sooner the better. Lessons teachers are usually recruited by many area schools and set their schedules early in the year.