Patricia Rhoads - Director

Symphonic Band II


 The Symphonic Band II is comprised of students that fit one or more of the following categories:

- average and below average musical and technical skills.

- student is not a Marching Band participant.

- student class schedule will not allow them to be in the other band classes.

 Audition and overall performance history determine membership.

1.     The Symphonic Band II may perform concerts and compete in the UIL Concert and Sight- reading Contest. Additional performances may include one or more festivals and occasional guest appearances. Instrumentation is a major factor in this band participating in concerts and contests.

2.     Members of the Symphonic Band II may be required to prepare the freshman region music.  Freshmen members are encouraged to participate in the All-Region Freshmen tryouts and all juniors and seniors are encouraged to participate in the All-Region tryouts.  Members are also STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to participate in the private lessons program!

3.     Sectionals may be held all year and are mandatory. The Symphonic Band II may have full band rehearsals during the school week and some Saturdays.  All student jobs and doctor/dentist appointments should be scheduled around these rehearsals.  Any interference with these rehearsals will result in a grade of a zero for that rehearsal.

4.     Members of the Symphonic Band II are required to participate in the Marching Band Program.