Suggested Make/Model of Tenor Trigger Trombones:

Professional level instruments are not required but are highly recommended as they are built with amazing quality and produce the best tone. A professional instrument will allow the student to grow past their beginner level and is an investment for a lifetime. Before purchasing any instrument please talk to a band director. Not everything shiny is a good investment. 



Method and Etude Books:

Arban's Famous Method for Trombone

Blazevich Clef Studies for Trombone

Buddy Baker Tenor Trombone Method

Ervin Range Building on the Trombone

Fink Studies in Legato for Trombone

Kleinhammer The Art of Trombone Playing

Robert Muller Studies and Concert Pieces for Trombone

Remington Warm-Up Studies for Trombone

Rochut Melodious Etudes for Trombone Book 1

Voxman Studies and Duets Books


Recommended Recordings:

Orchestral Excerpts for Trombone

Orchestral Excerpts for Bass Trombone


Other Resources: 

Trombone Tools

Smart Music